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656 works for Solo voice(s), choir(s) and orchestra

  • Anton Webern (1883-1945) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
  • Julia Wolfe (1958) Biography Documentary resources
    • Fire in my mouth for two sopranos, two contraltos, girl's choir and orchestra, 60 mn, Red Poppy
  • Frank Zappa (1940-1993) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • Bogus Pomp orchestration by David Ocker for children's voices, mixed choir and orchestra, 25 mn, Munchkin Music
    • I'm Stealing the Room for solo voices, choir and orchestra, 5 mn about , Munchkin Music
    • Penis Dimension for solo voices, choir and orchestra, 5 mn about , Munchkin Music
  • Hans Zender (1936) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • Canto II for soprano, choir and orchestra, 12 mn, Boosey & Hawkes [program note]
    • Dubliner Nachtszenen Suite n°1 from the opera Stephen Climax, for 9 singers, choir and orchestra, between 46 mn and 52 mn, Universal Edition
    • stage Stephen Climax Opera in three acts, 2 h 30 mn, Universal Edition
    • Wüste: Tagzeiten Simeons Suite n °2 from the opera Stephen Climax, for 5 singers, male choir and orchestra, 30 mn, Universal Edition
  • Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1918-1970) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • stage Des Menschen Unterhaltprozess gegen Gott radio opera in three acts, for reciters, soloists, women's choir, men's choir, large mixed choir and orchestra, 1 h 30 mn, Schott
    • Lob der Torheit Burlesque cantata for coloratura soprano, cantor (tenor), bass, mixed choir and large orchestra (first version), 28 mn, Schott
    • elec Requiem für einen jungen Dichter Lingual for reciters, soprano, baritone, three choirs, electronic sounds, orchestra, jazz-combo and organ, 1 h 5 mn, Schott
  • Vito Žuraj (1979) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec stage Orlando.Das Schloss one-act opera for six voices, mixed choir, electronics and orchestra, 30 mn