Works / By type

6 works for Solo voice(s), solo instrument(s), choir(s) and ensemble up to 9 instruments

  • Alain Bancquart (1934-2022) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • elec Les tarots d'Ulysse for soprano, tenor and baritone, viola and flute soloists, children's choir, harp, 2 percussions, 2 synthesizers and tape, 30 mn, Ricordi
  • José Manuel López López (1956) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec stage La noche y la palabra opera, for three solo voices, eight-part choir, two percussions, ensemble, electronics and images, 1 h 15 mn, María Sánchez Lucas
  • Robert HP Platz (1951) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec Maro & Stille for soprano and solo violin, choir, ensemble and tape, 15 mn, Breitkopf & Härtel
  • Frederic Rzewski (1938-2021) Biography Documentary resources
    • Mayakovsky for narrator, piano and string quartet
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • elec stage Evas Lied for seven children voices, four basset horns (including three female horn players, including a vocal basset horn), modern orchestra and female choir ad libitum, 44 mn, Stockhausen Verlag
    • elec stage Montag aus Licht opera in three acts, a salute and a farewell for 21 soloists (14 voices, 6 instrumentalists, 1 actor), choir, 21 actresses, children's choir, girls' choir, modern orchestra (3 synthesizers, percussionist and tape), conductor, sound projectionist, 4 h 38 mn, Stockhausen Verlag