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8 works for Solo instrument(s), choir(s) and ensemble up to 9 instruments

  • Alvin Curran (1938) Documentary resources
  • Georg Friedrich Haas (1953) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
  • Gordon Kampe (1976) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec Mondbeschreibungen for six voices, choir, ensemble and electronics, 14 mn, Edition Juliane Klein
  • Ennio Morricone (1928-2020) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • Pietre for mixed double choir, six percussionists and solo cello, Suvini Zerboni
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • elec stage Botschaft for basset horn, alto flute, choir and modern orchestra, 27 mn, Stockhausen Verlag
    • Der Kinderfänger for alto and piccolo flute, children's choir, modern orchestra and basset horn ad libitum, 30 mn, Stockhausen Verlag
    • elec stage Evas Zauber for basset horn, flute, choir, children's choir and modern orchestra, 57 mn, Stockhausen Verlag
  • Christophe de Coudenhove (1963) Biography Documentary resources
    • Un hommage à Salvador Dali for 2 solo pianos, children's choir, flute, 5 saxophones, tenor trombone and bell, 45 mn, édition du compositeur