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10 works for Other non-standard mixed instrumental ensemble, less than 5 musicians

  • Richard Barrett (1959) Biography Documentary resources
    • Partikelgestöber for clarinet in C, mandola, guitar and bass koto, 8 mn, United Music Publishers
  • Malin Bång (1974) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec Fireworks and Silverbirds for dan tranh, dan bau, ten-string guitar and stereo tape, 12 mn, Malin Bång
    • elec kobushi burui for ensemble of amplified instruments, 17 mn 30 s, Malin Bång
    • elec underpassing for three performers, 10 mn 30 s, édition du compositeur
  • Sivan Eldar (1985) Biography Documentary resources
  • Allain Gaussin (1943) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec Camaïeux for electronic ensemble and electronic sounds on four-track CD, 18 mn, Salabert
  • Simon Løffler (1981) Biography Documentary resources
    • Dream work for four instruments designed and produced by the composer and sound machine, 12 mn, Inédit
    • elec b for three musicians, six effects pedals, three neon lights and a free mono jack cable, 8 mn 30 s, Edition·S
  • Tōru Takemitsu (1930-1996) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • Ring for terz-guitar, lute and flute, 10 mn, Salabert
    • Sacrifice for flute in G, lute and vibraphone, Ongaku no Tomo