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9 works for Solo voice(s), choir(s) and percussion

  • Nicolas Frize (1950) Biography Documentary resources
    • C'est l'heure score written for small choir, objects and sounds from a table, solo voices (sopranos and bass) and percussion
  • David Lang (1957) Biography Documentary resources
  • Philippe Manoury (1952) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • elec ircam stage On-Iron musical show, for solo voices, mixed choir, percussion, electronics and video, 1 h 30 mn, Durand
  • Zad Moultaka (1967) Biography Documentary resources
    • Illuminations for contralto, choir and percussion, 5 mn, Onoma éditions musicales
  • François-Bernard Mâche (1935) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • Cassiopée II for mixed choir, narrator and two percussionists, 10 mn, Durand
  • Sir John Tavener (1944-2013) Biography Documentary resources
    • Tribute to Cavafy for soprano, mixed choir, narrator and percussion, 40 mn, Chester Music
  • Claude Vivier (1948-1983) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
  • James Wood (1953) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec Séance for solo soprano, MIDI vibraphone, choir and live electronics, 40 mn
  • Agata Zubel (1978) Biography Documentary resources
    • elec stage Oresteia dramatic opera for soloists, actors, choir, percussion and electronics, 1 h 20 mn about