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Mathieu Corajod

Swiss composer born 31 December 1989 in Charmey.

Mathieu Corajod studied composition under Xavier Dayer at the University of the Arts Bern from 2010 to 2015, taking the experimental musical theater program option founded by Georges Aperghis. He later expanded on this theme with, among others, Jennifer Walshe, Simon Steen-Andersen, and François Sarhan. He then worked in the same institution as an assistant in the composition and musical theory master’s program, all the while training in research and musicology at the University of Bern. In 2018, he joined the Cursus program on composition and computer music at IRCAM with Thierry De Mey. In 2019, he was chosen as the winner of the commission of the canton of Bern.

Selected in a European project call for applications for Merge Up!, Corajod is co-founder of the composers collective CUE Creative/Union/Experience with Giulia Lorusso and Giovanni Montiani. He is also a choreographer and director, and founded his own interdisciplinary ensemble, Compagnie Mixt Forma, bringing together musicians, dancers, actors, and writers. In 2022, he was in a music and choreography creation residence at Abbaye de Royaumont with the ensemble. Mixt Forma’s mission is to bring interdisciplinary and contemporary forms of writing to musical theater, in the vein of Corajod’s work. He is currently writing his thesis under Swiss composer Hans Wüthrich, a trained linguist, whose work explores different forms of musical theater. Following from Aperghis’s work in this field, many of Corajod’s pieces focus on reinventing this genre. Examples include Philipp (2011) for vibraphone and poetry slam, Lazzi du nez (Nose Lazzi, 2013) for imaginary violin, Die Geheimnislosen (The Mysterious, 2014) theatrical dialog between three characters, re-transcribed by piano-activated video, and Laquelle se passe ailleurs (Which Is Happening Elsewhere, 2023), poem for four hybrid performers.

Within his pieces, voice and text hold a particular importance. Corajod is the author of the texts for Stream and Lingua Segments, and he twice worked with writer Dominique Quélen, a member of Mixt Forma, for his final Cursus piece, Ça va bien avec comment tu vis (this not-quite-sensical phrase might be interpreted, “Is How You Live Going Well”; 2019), and for his first opera, Rendez-vous près du feu, a commission from the Opéra National de Lorraine for its Nancy Opera Xperience project in 2022.

His works have been commissioned and performed by ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble Divertimento, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Interface, Ensemble soyuz21, the Bern Chamber Orchestra, duo eventuell, and Duo Alto.

Corajod is involved in various classical- and contemporary-music awareness projects, as well as several professional networks and associations, such as the Collège Contemporain. He also works as a music journalist and musicologist.

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  • Solo (excluding voice)
    • A Due for soprano or tenor recorder (2011), 3 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Au fil d’une note, des colliers for soprano saxophone (2013), 6 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Diaphonie brisée for flute and live electronics (2013), 5 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Die Geheimnislosen for piano and multimedia device (2014), 8 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Danse macabre for clothed cello (2015), 5 mn, édition du compositeur
    • La commerelle for oboist-performer and performer behind a blackboard (2015), 4 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Lazzi de bouche for bass clarinet (2019), 2 mn 30 s, édition du compositeur
    • elec Holz for violin, electronics and tree (2021), 11 mn
    • elec Cahiers électroacoustiques educational pieces for solo instruments and electroacoustic tapes (2021-2022)
  • Chamber music
    • Emportés par l’intempestif manifesté… vogue alors, vole ! for 1 pianist and 1 percussionnist (2011), 6 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Trio pour flûte, basson et cor (2012), 5 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Ruses for turntables, saxophone and double bass (2013), 15 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Turn on for clarinet, saxophone, trombone, percussion, electric guitar and viola (2014), 11 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Collision 1 for amplified classical guitar and bass recorder (2016), between 2 mn and 3 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Questions de temps for classical guitar, alto recorder and electronics (2016), 3 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Vacuum fluctuations for amplified classical guitar and Paetzold recorder (2016), 5 mn 30 s, édition du compositeur
    • Three Duos of Duos versions for harp and flute, or harp and clarinet (2017), 2 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Critical Control Points for alto saxophone, electric guitar, piano and percussion (2020), 11 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Axes instrumental danse for flute and soprano saxophone (2021), 21 mn
    • elec Subspheres for two tenor saxophones and electronics (2021), 33 mn
  • Instrumental ensemble music
    • Densité, plan, greffe for chamber orchestra of 14 instrumentalists (2012), 3 mn, édition du compositeur
    • A mi-voix for string orchestra (2014), 5 mn, édition du compositeur
    • Provaguations musical theatre performance for 6 musicians (2015), 10 mn, édition du compositeur
    • stage Scriptions musical theatre performance for 6 musicians (2015), 50 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Collection for instruments ad libitum and electronics (2017), 30 mn about , édition du compositeur
    • elec Invitation to how it’s done for 8 musicians, electronics and moving audience (2022), 43 mn, édition du compositeur
  • Vocal music and instrument(s)
  • A cappella vocal music
    • 3 phonetic compositions for solo voice (2017), 3 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Stream for amplified soprano and tape (2020), 5 mn, édition du compositeur
    • elec Lingua Segments for female voice and electronics (2021), 12 mn
  • Electronic music / fixed media / mechanical musical instruments
  • Unspecified instrumentation


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