Jesper Nordin

Analysis of Sculpting the Air by Baptiste BacotFrançois-Xavier Féron

Brahms Page for Sculpting the Air Gestural Exformation (2010-2015), 23mn
Jesper Nordin on Brahms

Jean-Claude Risset

Analysis of Songes by João SvidzinskiVincent Tiffon

Brahms Page for Songes for tape (1979), 9mn
Jean-Claude Risset on Brahms

Michael Jarrell

Analysis of Cassandre by Giordano Ferrari

Brahms Page for Cassandre monodrama for actress, instrumental ensemble and electronics (1993-1994), 1h5mn
Michael Jarrell on Brahms

Fausto Romitelli

Analysis of EnTrance by Alessandro OltoLaurent Pottier

Brahms Page for EnTrance for soprano, ensemble and electronics (1995), 18mn
Fausto Romitelli on Brahms

Gérard Grisey

Analysis of Prologue by François-Xavier Féron

Brahms Page for Prologue for viola (posthumous version with live electronics) (1976-2001), 15mn
Gérard Grisey on Brahms

John Chowning

Analysis of Stria by Laura Zattra

Brahms Page for Stria for electronics (1972-1977), 16mn
John Chowning on Brahms

Jonathan Harvey

Analysis of Mortuos plango, vivos voco by Bruno Bossis

Brahms Page for Mortuos plango, vivos voco for concrete sounds processed by computer (1980), 9mn
Jonathan Harvey on Brahms

Kaija Saariaho

Analysis of Amers by Grégoire Lorieux

analyse FFT

Brahms Page for Amers for cello and ensemble (1992), 20mn
Kaija Saariaho on Brahms

Pierre Boulez

Analysis of Dialogue de l'ombre double by Andrew Gerzso


Brahms Page for Dialogue de l'ombre double original version for clarinet and tape (1985), 20mn
Pierre Boulez on Brahms

Kaija Saariaho

Analysis of NoaNoa by Grégoire Lorieux

spatialisation delay filtres harmoniseur réverbération

Brahms Page for NoaNoa for flute and electronics (1992), 10mn
Kaija Saariaho on Brahms