The setup and the execution of the electroacoustic part of this work requires a Computer Music Designer (Max expert).

Performance date: June 8, 2023 - First performance

Documentation date: Feb. 7, 2024

Version state


Validation date: April 3, 2024

Executions dates of this version

  • June 8, 2023, Cité de la Musique

Version documentalist

  • meier (

Version realisation

  • Robin Meier (Computer Music Designer)
  • Clément Cerles (Sound engineer)

Version length

15 mn 20 s

Upgrade Motivation

tape version


6 channel tape version. needs clicktrack for conductor.

Detailed staff

  • unspecified choir
(Detailed staff comes from Brahms, send mail to for correction.)

Channel details

  • Number of output channel: 6


  • June 19, 2023, France, Paris, Philharmonie, festival Manifeste


  • Salabert


  • Robin Meier

Work length

  • 16 mn
Download all files
File Author(s) Comment
Download [538.3 KB] Technical rider fiche technique Clement Cerles
Download [609.9 MB] All-in-one sound files and clicktrack Robin Meier
Download [83.1 MB] Score score Juste Janulytė


1. Audio setup

2. Loudspeaker setup

The global system consists in:

  • PA System: 1 stereo system type L-Acoustics or equivalent. It must installed by a professional PA company so the design is adjusted to the venue for the best coverage in the public area.
  • Surround: a set of speakers placed around the audience and technically able to cover the audience area (the blue loudspeakers in the following plan). 6 loudspeakers minimum are needed. According to the venue, some extra loudspeakers could be needed in order to cover the audience area. Ideally it would be a 12 inches point source speakers (L-acoustics X12 or D&B E12).

Beware that amplification, EQ and Delay must be independent for each speaker.

  • Subwoofers: a subwoofer system, to cover the low frequencies of the PA system.

In addition to this setup, a speaker complement could be needed in case of particular acoustics conditions (f.ex front fill, extra-speakers on balconies). These choices have to be discussed with IRCAM Sound Engineer

  • a clicktrack system must be setup for the conductor. A clicktrack file is provided with the electronics sound files and can be output on a dedicated channel.

3. Midi setup

no midi needed

4. Session setup

import the 6 audio tracks + click track into a DAW.
1-2 front LR
3-4 side LR
5-6 rear LR

8. Performance notes

Adjust the level of the 6 tracks during the concert to balance it out with the choir. very light amplification of the choir is recommended for the pre-recorded sounds to fuse nicely with the live sound.

there is a 4 beat count off in the clicktrack.

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