Sebastian Adams

Mathew Adkin

  • elec ircam Nights Bright Daies for two percussionists, two pianos and electronics, 16 mn, BMIC (British Music Information Centre)

Andrea Agostini

Patricia Alessandrini

  • elec ircam When David Heard for double bass, percussionist and tape, 10 mn, Inédit
  • elec ircam stage Ainsi le silence collaboration with performer and choreographer Yann Marussich, for percussion, string quartet and electronics

Ariadna Alsina Tarrés

  • elec ircam Musique pour DreamWork for saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, piano and electronics in real time, 11 mn

Francisco Alvarado

  • elec ircam stage Ircam cursus Karukinka for mezzo-soprano, flute, percussion, viola and electronics, 24 mn [program note]

Daniel Alvarado Bonilla

Pedro Amaral

  • elec ircam Reflexes I for bassoon and live electronics, 21 mn, Inédit

Barry Anderson

  • elec ircam Mask, 40 mn, Inédit

Masahiro Aogaki

Georges Aperghis

  • elec ircam stage Happy end Autour du Conte, Le Petit Poucet by Charles Perrault, for ensemble and electronics, 60 mn, édition du compositeur [program note]

Anna Arkushyna

Utku Asuroglu

Roland Auzet

  • elec ircam stage Schlag! circus show, video and music, 1 h 35 mn, Inédit

Maurizio Azzan

Noriko Baba

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus for solo clarinet and electronics, 10 mn [program note]

Jacopo Baboni Schilingi

Omer Barash

Clarence Barlow

Gad Barnéa

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Gris for magnetic tape and video, 8 mn, Editions Musicales Européennes [program note]

Natasha Barrett

Jean-Baptiste Barrière

  • elec ircam Le Messager interactive installation with video and electoacoustic music, variable, Inédit

Olivier Beaufils

Preston Beebe

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus intakes for saxophone and electronics, 7 mn

George Benjamin

  • elec ircam Panorama for magnetic tape, 3 mn, Faber Music

Gerald Bennett

Luciano Berio

  • elec ircam Chemins 'ex' V for clarinet and 4C computer, 17 mn, partition retirée du catalogue
  • elec ircam Orfeo II opera for voice, orchestras and tapes, 60 mn about , pas d'éditeur

Alain Berlaud

Giovanni Bertelli

  • elec ircam Cascando quasi una serenata for violin and electronics, 6 mn, Inédit

Birke J. Bertelsmeier

Sandeep Bhagwati

Oscar Bianchi

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch

  • elec ircam Square for ensemble of mobile devices, interactive system, and holophonic binaural distribution system with headphones [program note]

Tom Bierton

Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Sasha J. Blondeau

  • elec ircam stage Nachleben for soprano, baritone, percussion and electronics, 8 mn 30 s

Georg Bönn

Dahae Boo

Pierre Boulez

  • elec ircam Originel orchestral version of Mémoriale (... explosante-fixes ...), for MIDI flute, ensemble and electronics, 7 mn, Universal Edition

Daniele Bravi

  • elec ircam Tryptique for viola and electronics
  • elec ircam K4 As for electronics

Sam Britton

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Junkspace for banjo and electronics, 10 mn

Stefano Bulfon

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Not any window for viola and electronics, 6 mn, Nuova Stradivarius

Gérard Buquet

  • elec ircam stage Enjeux musical show for tuba player, 50 mn, édition du compositeur [program note]

Gonzalo Bustos

Maurilio Cacciatore

Edmund Campion

  • elec ircam Corail for saxophone and electronics

Juan Campoverde

Aureliano Cattaneo

  • elec ircam Le Double for double bass, ensemble and electronics, 35 mn

Bernard Cavanna

Raphaël Cendo

Andrea Cera

  • elec ircam Innig sound installation for twenty-four speakers in a corridor for the Roland Barthes exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, 12 mn, Inédit [program note]
  • elec ircam Invisible Line sound design for an interactive web installation
  • elec ircam Urban Musical Game database of sounds and permutation rules for augmented balls, in collaboration with Ircam and No Design

Juan Cristóbal Cerrillo

Pierre Charvet

  • elec ircam Life music for the short film by Audrey Schebat, Inédit
  • elec ircam Elle et la voix interactive music for the multimedia virtual reality installation by Catherine Ikam and Louis François Fléri, Inédit

Basile Chassaing

Qigang Chen

Huihui Cheng

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Me Du Ça for female voice and live electronics, between 6 mn and 10 mn, BabelScores

John Chowning

  • elec ircam Phonē for electronics, 13 mn, Inédit

Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus 15° Harmônico for piano and electronics, 10 mn 30 s, Inédit

Fabio Cifariello Ciardi

Elvio Cipollone

Paul Clift

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Boundary Markers for bass clarinet and electronic device, 4 mn, Inédit
  • elec ircam stage Ircam cursus With my Limbs in the Dark for soprano, ensemble, live electronic device, dancer and video installation, choreography by Alban Richard, 18 mn, Inédit [program note]

John Cohen

Denis Cohen

David Coll

  • elec ircam 68 for baritone, percussion, cello and electronic device, 20 mn, Inédit [program note]

Henri Colombat

Jérôme Combier

Mathieu Corajod

Azio Corghi

Pasquale Corrado

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Wam for trumpet and electronics, 7 mn about , Suvini Zerboni [program note]

Pascale Criton

  • elec ircam Thymes for piano tuned in quarter-tone system and digital synthesis, 8 mn, Jobert [program note]

Violeta Cruz

Conrad Cummings

  • elec ircam Beast Songs for soprano, instrumental ensemble and magnetic tape, Inédit

Chaya Czernowin

  • elec ircam Poetica for four percussion and voices, and electronics, 60 mn

Engin Dağlik

Evdokija Danajloska

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Dédoublement for voice and electronics, 8 mn, pas d'éditeur

Xavier Dayer

Christophe de Coudenhove

Thierry De Mey

  • elec ircam Tippeke film music for cello and electronics (for Compagnie Rosas), 20 mn, Inédit [program note]

Michel Decoust

  • elec ircam Interphone for soprano and tape, 11 mn, Salabert

Di Zhao

Stylianos Dimou

Ding Lanqing

Milica Djordjević

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus FAIL for violoncello and live electronics

Jacob Druckman

  • elec ircam Animus IV for tenor, ensemble and tape, 22 mn, Boosey & Hawkes

Aurélien Dumont

Benjamin Dupé

Joël-François Durand

Pascal Dusapin

  • elec ircam stage To Be Sung chamber opera in forty-three numbers, 1 h 30 mn, Salabert

Aaron Einbond

  • elec ircam Prestidigitation II for solo percussion, five instruments and three-dimensionnal electronics, 15 mn, Edition Gravis

Javier Elipe Gimeno

  • elec ircam Outer Space for electric guitar, piano, saxophone, percussion and real-time electronics, 13 mn
  • elec ircam Plus Tard electroacoustic piece, 11 mn

Juan José Eslava

François Evans

Jean-Luc Fafchamps

Sina Fallahzadeh

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Nafir for saxophone and electronics, 10 mn

Man Fang

Denis Fargeton

Alireza Farhang

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Tanîn for alto flute and real-time electronics, 6 mn, BabelScores [program note]

Walter Feldmann

José-Miguel Fernández

Lorenzo Ferrero

  • elec ircam Ombres for ensemble and electronics, 18 mn, Ricordi

Joshua Fineberg

  • elec ircam stage Lolita multimedia show, imaginary opera, 1 h 10 mn, Billaudot

Matteo Franceschini

  • elec ircam TOVEL - OPUS audiovisual performance for string quartet and electronics, in collaboration with 1024 architecture, 60 mn, Ricordi [program note]

Pär Frid

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Motherfucking Nature for violin, double bass and electronics, 10 mn, Swedish Music Information Center

Nicolas Frize

  • elec ircam Barthes Performance electro-acoustic "vocal" piece, entirely composed from the voice of Roland Barthes, resynthesized

Jun Fu

Pablo Galaz Salamanca

  • elec ircam Troubles musical theater for two voices, percussion, clarinet, double bass and electronics

Göran Gamstorp

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Shadowpulse for violin and electronics, 16 mn, Inédit

Elena Gantchikova

Fernando Garnero

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus A . A . GIRL for violin and electronics

Giuseppe Gavazza

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Cinque canti d'amore for soprano, MIDI piano and electronics, 15 mn, Inédit

Sébastien Gaxie

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Fil Rouge for solo cello and electronic device, 5 mn 48 s, Inédit

Zeynep Gedizlioğlu

Rolf Gehlhaar

  • elec ircam Pas à pas for tape and spatialization device, 45 mn, Feedback Studio Verlag

Marta Gentilucci

Daniele Ghisi

Andrea Agostini

Jean-Luc Fafchamps

Daniele Ghisi

Núria Giménez-Comas

Rune Glerup

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Streams 1.0 for baritone saxophone and live electronics, 4 mn 30 s, Inédit

Vinko Globokar

Heiner Goebbels

  • elec ircam Timeios ein Bild, das wir Zeit nennen, sound installation

Gilles Grand

Olivier Greif

  • elec ircam chamber opera in ten scenes, 33 mn

Jean-Rémi Guédon

  • elec ircam Mini X for ensemble and electronics, 17 mn, Inédit

Sampo Haapamäki

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Logo for violin and electronics, 6 mn

Benjamin Hackbarth

Keith Hamel

Jung-Eun Han

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Pénétrant for cello and electronics, 8 mn

Andrew Harlan

Jonty Harrison

  • elec ircam A Cordes for string ensemble and tape, 20 mn, Inédit

Jonathan Harvey

Stanley Haynes

Fredrik Hedelin

  • elec ircam Akt for ensemble and electronics, 22 mn, Svensk Musik

Robert Henke

Pierre Henry

Jean-Luc Hervé

  • elec ircam Topos for eight musicians and fearful acousmatic device

Sebastian Hilli

Mayu Hirano

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Singularité for accordion, string quartet, electronics and video

Geof Holbrook

  • elec ircam Three Steps for saxophone and electronics, 6 mn

York Höller

Heinz Holliger

  • elec ircam Not I (2) musical show for soprano and electronics, new live electronics version, 35 mn, Schott [program note]

David Hudry

Tak-Cheung Hui

Chia Hui Chen

Thomas Hummel

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Cocoon for string quartet, digital keyboard and electronics, 15 mn, Inédit [program note]

Philippe Hurel

Maija Hynninen

Clara Iannotta

  • elec ircam [Sans Titre] for soprano saxophone and electronics

Takuya Imahori

Miyuki Ito

Siting Jiang

Pierre Jodlowski

Kevin Juillerat

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Pas de deux for guitar and electronics, 7 mn

Simon Kanzler

Stefan Keller

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Stück for fagott and live electronics

Heera Kim

Hiromichi Kitazume

Sachie Kobayashi

Barbara Kolb

  • elec ircam Millefoglie for ensemble and tape, 20 mn, Boosey & Hawkes

Romain Kronenberg

  • elec ircam stage Le Privilège des chemins vocal transformations, effects and sound environments for the play by Fernando Pessoa, 2 h 10 mn

Matthias Krüger

Hans Peter Kuhn

György Kurtag Jr.

  • elec ircam Interrogation for cello, saxophone and tape, 12 mn, Inédit

Hanspeter Kyburz

  • elec ircam stage Double Points: OYTIΣ for dancer, soprano, six instrumentalists and electronics, 45 mn, Breitkopf & Härtel

Thierry Lancino

  • elec ircam Aloni for mezzo-soprano, children's choir, ensemble and electronics, 35 mn, Amphion

Bernhard Lang

  • elec ircam stage NetTrike for four performers, two choreographers, two resonant metal plates, multichannel sounds and two video loop generators, 30 mn, Zeitvertrieb [program note]

Mauro Lanza

Jean-François Laporte

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Le Sang de la terre for six bowls on stands, flying can and electronics, 20 mn, Inédit

Hacène Larbi

Frédéric Le Bel

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus 25:17 for cello and electronic device, 12 mn
  • elec ircam stage Claustrum for bassoon, electronic device and ten dancers, 13 mn

Cécile Le Prado

  • elec ircam Vocatifs sound installation, 10 mn, Inédit

Keith Lee

Luciano Leite Barbosa

Didier Levallet

  • elec ircam Carmi-1 for ensemble and electronics, 8 mn, Inédit

Michaël Levinas

George Lewis

Permagnus Lindborg

Luca Lombardi

Octavio López

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus The Magic Mirror for bass clarinet, electronic percussion, cello and electronics, 9 mn, Editions Musicales Européennes [program note]

Denis Lorrain

Giulia Lorusso

Alain Louvier

  • elec ircam stage Casta Diva music for the choreographic show by Maurice Béjart, 47 mn, Alphonse Leduc

Tod Machover

  • elec ircam Electric Etudes for cello, tape and electronics, 25 mn, Ricordi
  • elec ircam Spectres Parisiens for flute, horn and cello solo, ensemble and tape, 25 mn, Ricordi
  • elec ircam stage Valis opera for six voices, 4X computer and images, 1 h 18 mn, Ricordi

Eric Maestri

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Ritratto vivente for violin and electronics, 7 mn, Inédit

Andrea Agostini

Mesias Maiguashca

Chia Hui Chen

Claudy Malherbe

Mikhail Malt

Philippe Manoury

Adam Maor

  • elec ircam BEYROUTH15072006 for trombone, ensemble and live electronics, 20 mn

Patrick Marcland

  • elec ircam Alto-Solo 2 for viola and live electronics, 4 mn 56 s, Chester Music

Yan Maresz

  • elec ircam Voce for five female voices and electronics, 25 mn

Alexandros Markeas

  • elec ircam stage Music of Choices musical happening and interactive games for pianist, computer, audience equipped with smartphones and spoken voice, 60 mn

Juan Manuel Marrero

Mario Marcelo Mary

Martin Matalon

  • elec ircam stage Rugged lines ballet for nine instruments and electronics, 50 mn, Eschig
  • elec ircam La rosa profunda a musical journey on texts by Jorge Luis Borges, for narrator, ensemble and electronics, 45 mn, Inédit
  • elec ircam Traces IV for marimba and electronics, 10 mn, Billaudot
  • elec ircam Traces V for clarinet and electronic device, 10 mn, Billaudot

Jawher Matmati

François Meïmoun

Piet Johan Meyer

Kirsten Milenko

Leon Milo

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Sa for violin, tape and electronics, 10 mn, Inédit [program note]

Robin Minard

  • elec ircam SoundBits sound installation for wall of piezoelectric loudspeakers and computer-controlled spatialization, 15 mn, Inédit

Nicolas Mondon

Marc Monnet

  • elec ircam stage Fragments for five vocalists-actors-gesticulators, for two sopranos, twenty-five instruments including five MIDI, real-time signal processing computer system, 1 h 25 mn, cerise music

Vittorio Montalti

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Macchina Crudele for cello and electronics, 5 mn, Suvini Zerboni

Lara Morciano

  • elec ircam Estremo d'ombra for five soloists and electronics, édition du compositeur

Zad Moultaka

  • elec ircam Montée des ombres performance-procession for a hundred singers and electronics, Onoma éditions musicales

Isabel Mundry

Fernando Munizaga

Javier Muñoz

Valerio Murat

Olga Neuwirth

Vassos Nicolaou

  • elec ircam Reflexions for 4 instruments and electronics (ad lib.), 7 mn, Inédit

Robert Henke

Ricardo Nillni

Ichiro Nodaïra

Jesper Nordin

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Vintage for percussion and electronics, 12 mn, Swedish Music Information Center

Michael Obst

Tomislav Oliver

Basak Dilara Ozdemir

Younghi Pagh-Paan

Lorenzo Pagliei

Emanuele Palumbo

Hèctor Parra Esteve

  • elec ircam stage Zangezi Musical theater for three actors, a soprano and electronics, Editorial Tritó

Mauro Lanza

Olivier Pasquet

  • elec ircam Damned for saxophone and live electronics, 16 mn

Brice Pauset

Franck Pecquet

Arnaud Petit

Robert HP Platz

  • elec ircam Pièce noire Dunkles Haus finale for ensemble and tape, 14 mn, Breitkopf & Härtel

Bertrand Plé

Lionel Polard

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Itinéraire formantique recherche pluridimensionnelle sur les univers perceptifs fréquentables, for dramatic soprano, bass tuba, electronics and computer graphics, variable, Inédit [program note]

Michel Portal

  • elec ircam Perplexe for clarinet and electronics, 20 mn, Inédit

Alberto Posadas

Henri Pousseur

Bernfried Pröve

Luis Quintana

Horatio Radulescu

João Rafael

  • elec ircam Schattenspiel for ensemble and electronics, 11 mn, Inédit

Shihong Ren

Justina Repečkaitė

  • elec ircam La Muë for children’s choir and electronics, 20 mn

Jean-Claude Risset

  • elec ircam Inharmonic Soundscapes for computer-generated synthesis sounds fixed on a two-track medium, 8 mn, Inédit

Roque Rivas

Sebastian Rivas

  • elec ircam stage Breath ballet music, electronics and real-time treatments, 13 mn, Inédit [program note]

Roque Rivas

Pedro Rocha

Manuel Rocha Iturbide

Didier Rotella

Robert Rowe

  • elec ircam Hall of Mirrors for bass clarinet and 4X computer, 12 mn, Inédit

Scott Rubin

Frederic Rzewski

Kaija Saariaho

  • elec ircam Io for ensemble, tape and electronics, 18 mn, Wilhelm Hansen [program note]

Filippos Sakagian

Kenji Sakai

Naoki Sakata

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Phytolith I for saxophone and electronics, 9 mn

Jorge Sancho

François Sarhan

Jean-Luc Fafchamps

Andrea Sarto

Andrea Agostini

Nicolas Schöffer

Alexander Schubert

  • elec ircam Convergence for string ensemble and AI system, 35 mn
  • elec ircam stage ANIMA TM multimedia theater play for seven performers and instrumentalists, 1 h 30 mn [program note]

Philippe Schœller

Hannes Galette Seidl

David Shea

Aida Shirazi

Art Oliver Simon

Diana Soh

Hyang-Sook Song

Georgia Spiropoulos

Marcin Stańczyk

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Mosaique for cello and electronics, 7 mn

Johannes Maria Staud

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Lisa Streich

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus PIETÀ for cello, motors and electronics, 7 mn 20 s

Marco Stroppa

  • elec ircam Leggere il Decamerone music for 160 radio broadcasts on the full reading of Boccaccio's Decamerone, 3 h, Ricordi

Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus é-pi~~~ for percussion and live electronics, 15 mn, Atom Function Fistler Music Excorporation [program note]

Morton Subotnick

  • elec ircam Ascent into Air for chamber ensemble and computer, 26 mn, Theodore Presser

Christopher Swithinbank

Michaël Talma-Sutt

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Voyage amer electroacoustic music show, video and lights, 11 mn, Inédit

Qingqing Teng

Jukka Tiensuu

Christopher Tonkin

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus In for percussion and electronics, 10 mn

Joseba Torre

Laurent Torres

Christopher Trapani

Balz Trumpy

  • elec ircam Wellenspiele for piano, ensemble and electronics, 17 mn, Ricordi

Adrien Trybucki

  • elec ircam Limen for choir and electronics, 12 mn

Hans Tutschku

Athanasia Tzanou

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Epigramma I for viola d'amore and electronic device, 10 mn, Inédit

Nicolas Tzortzis

Eneko Vadillo Pérez

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Racines for tenor saxophone and electronics, 5 mn 30 s

Horacio Vaggione

  • elec ircam Thema for bass saxophone and stereo tape, 10 mn, édition du compositeur [program note]

Fredy Vallejos

Jan Vandenheede

Gabriele Vanoni

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus Don for soprano and electronics, 8 mn, Inédit

Francesca Verunelli

  • elec ircam Songs & Voices for 6 voices, 10 instruments and electronics, 1 h 10 mn

Fernando Villanueva Carretero

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus La disparition for violin and electronic device, 6 mn, Inédit

Julien Vincenot

Michel Waisvisz

Miao-Wen Wang

Ying Wang

  • elec ircam Ircam cursus TUN-TU for baritone saxophone and electronics, 9 mn

David Wessel

  • elec ircam Go where ? for kin and tape, 15 mn, Inédit

Emmanuel Witzthum

Xu Yi

  • elec ircam Xiao-Yao-Yu for twelve instruments and eight-track digital tape, 14 mn, Lemoine

Yumiko Yokoi

Alla Zahaïkevytch

Hans Zender

  • elec ircam Lo-Shu III for flute, ensemble and electronics, 20 mn, Bote & Bock

Hao-Fu Zhang

Julie Zhu

  • elec ircam stage Ircam cursus BOX for percussion and electronics, 13 mn [program note]

Gérard Zinsstag

  • elec ircam Rémanences for soprano, ensemble and electronics, 22 mn