Version name State Performance Documentation Work title Composer(s)
Henry Fourès - Un bel éc… In progress Performed: Feb. 20, 2024 Feb. 21, 2024 Un bel éclair qui durerait Quintet for string quartet and augmented percussion Henry Fourès
Magnus Lindberg - Kraft … Valid Performed: Feb. 15, 2024 Feb. 21, 2024 Kraft for clarinet, two percussions, piano, cello soloists and orchestra Magnus Lindberg
Matteo Gualandi - We Are… Valid First performance: Jan. 13, 2024 Jan. 19, 2024 We Are Not the Waves for quintet, electronics and video device Matteo Gualandi
Bastien David - Bec et o… In progress Performed: Jan. 13, 2024 Jan. 15, 2024 Bec et ongles – suspended for silent violin and cloud of amplified strings Bastien David