The setup and the execution of the electroacoustic part of this work requires a Computer Music Designer (Max expert).

Performance date: June 3, 2015 - First performance

Documentation date: July 6, 2015

Version state


Validation date: Nov. 23, 2019

Executions dates of this version

  • June 3, 2015,

Version documentalist

  • jwarnier (

Version realisation

  • Eric Daubresse (Computer Music Designer)

Version length

11 mn


The patch was succesfullly tested on 23/11/2019 by serge

No other version available

Detailed staff

  • violin
(Detailed staff comes from Brahms, send mail to for correction.)

Electronic equipment list

Computer Music Equipment

  • 1 MacBook Pro - Apple Laptops (Apple)
    Retina OSX 10.13.6
  • 1 ascograph - Music Software (Ircam)
    version 0.26
  • 1 Max 7 - Max (Cycling74)
    version 7.3.5 (32 bits)
  • 1 antescofo~ - External objects (Ircam)
    release develop2 - 1.0-168, Compiled on Feb 8 2019 20:32:02
  • 1 Sound Board - Sound Board
    Fireface 802 - Sound Board (RME)

Audio Equipment

  • 1 DPA 4061 - Condenser Microphones (DPA)
  • 1 Mixing Console - Mixing Console
    CL5-Digital mixer (Yamaha)


  • March 21, 2015, France, Caen, Auditorium Jean-Pierre Dautel, Festival Aspects des musiques d'aujourd'hui


  • Lemoine


  • Eric Daubresse
Download all files
File Author(s) Comment
Download [5.4 MB] Score annotated score Eric Daubresse
Download [16.4 MB] Other Ascograph Thomas Coffy
Download [539.5 MB] All-in-one patch Eric Daubresse contains a simulation recording and the score
Download [334.2 MB] Video score Follower demo Serge Lemouton this video shows antescofo and parts of the max patch in action in action. Have a look at it before playing the electronic part of Dornroschen.


Loudspeaker setup

8 Loudspeakers are placed around the audience, at equal distance.

Each DAC coming form Mac's sound output is routed to one speaker, Dac1 to speaker1, dac2 to speaker2 ...

Software installation

Max Audio setup

  • Sampling Rate 48kHz
  • IO Vector Size 512
  • Signal Vector Size 256
  • Scheduler in Overdrive On
  • Audio interrupt Off

System calibration and tests

Copy "Concert-dornroschen" folder anywhere you want in your hard-disk, and set it's pathname in "file preferences" in max/msp.

Ircam externals Spat, SuperVP and Antescofo~ etc... should be installed and authorized.

Open "Dornroschen-antescofo-18.maxpat".

Soundfiles should be loaded. Open subpatch "p jarrel_buffer", double click on "polybuffer~ VPplay.buffer-1 @embed 1" object and drop "sounds" folder into the polybuffer opened window. Same thing should be done for samples in the "polybuffer~ samples @embed 1" underneath in same "p jarrel_buffer" subpatch.

last thing to do is to load the antescofo~ score "dornroschen-score-14.txt".

Initialisation routine

Initialise "Dornroschen-antescofo-18.maxpat" :

  • start audio processing clicking on the "ezdac~" button
  • initialize clicking on green "init" button
  • press "start" and "suivi on" buttons for antescofo~ to be ready.

Patch presentation

"Dornroschen-antescofo-18.maxpat" works with antescofo~ score following. It's an anticipatory score follower and intelligent action sequencer. In fact, all actions are tightly synchronized with events in score (notes, chords, trills, multis...). It means that when system recognizes an event with an associated action it triggers max/msp messages.

example :

event NOTE C4 1/10


VPplay3 setbuff mes_008

VPplay3 level -6

VPplay3 play

VP3-spat source 1 ad -30 1, source 2 ad 30 1

Actions are mostly triggering soundfiles, spatialisation of theses soundfiles and transpositions

Soundfiles are played with superVP-play~. It enables realtime time-stretching and due to antescofo~ feature of delivering realtime tempo of performance we have soundfiles durations tightly adapted to tempo.We have two type of actions to trigger those soundfiles :


_NOTE F#5 1/2

VPplay2 setbuff mes_007
VPplay2 level 0.
VPplay2 play_


_NOTE C#4 2/3 measure73

@play_sound(3, mes_073, -5, -30, 30); this is a macro define at the begining of score :_

_@macro_def @play_sound($VPnum, $soundfile, $soundlevel, $angle1, $angle2)


VPplay$VPnum setbuff $soundfile

VPplay$VPnum level $soundlevel

VPplay$VPnum play

VP$VPnum-spat source 1 ad $angle1 1, source 2 ad $angle2 1


Spatialisation is managed by a spat.pan inside "poly~ VPplayer~". It receives messages for static positionning and trajectories :

1/ static positionning

_VP1-az 30, 45 @beat2msec(5.0) ;5000 VP1-dist 1_


_VP4-spat source 1 ad -30 1, source 2 ad 30 1_

2/ trajectories

_VP1-az -150, 0 2000 120 5000_

Testing this patch

A recording soundfile of the violin part (Concert-dornroschen/02-simulation/Dormrochen-simul-dpa.aif) allows studio rehearsals without violin player. This file contains Markers to navigate along the piece. To start at the beginning, just turn on the max/msp audio engine, press the antescofo~ start button, switch on the "suivi", and select "mesure1 0." label in the pmarkers umenu. Opening ascograph by pressing ascograph button, you will see score follower progression.

In ascograph, you can select an action and play it alone by pressing "cmd+P".

Performance notes

1) Calibrate the violin (pitch and loudness) Use the antescofo tools for calibrating

2) Load the antescofo score and

3) follow the score and if necessary adjust the score position with the horizontal arrows (labels) or vertical arrows (events)

The follower is automatically switched OFF at mesure 43 (SUIVI OFF) : Advance manually events and labels following the score.

At beginning of bar 66 switch to "SUIVI ON". Use the ESC key.

Score follower should be manual from bar 99 to 101 and in bar 132 (see annotated score)

The follower is automatically switched OFF at mesure 212 (SUIVI OFF) : Advance manually events following the score.

At beginning of mesure 214 switch to "SUIVI ON". Use the ESC key.

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