The setup and the execution of the electroacoustic part of this work requires a Computer Music Designer (Max expert).

Performance date: July 26, 2021 - First performance

Documentation date: Sept. 7, 2021

Version state


Validation date: Oct. 14, 2021

Executions dates of this version

  • July 26, 2021, Maison Maria Casarès

Version documentalist

  • demoulin (

Version realisation

  • Sylvain Cadars (Sound engineer)
  • Etienne Démoulin (Computer Music Designer)

Version length

60 mn

Upgrade Motivation

First documentation

No other version available

Detailed staff

  • soloist: 2 actors
  • 4 saxhorns, piano, percussionist, harp, violin
(Detailed staff comes from Brahms, send mail to for correction.)

Channel details

  • Number of output channel: 2

Electronic equipment list

Audio Equipment

  • 60 HD1800 - Headphones (TBone)
  • 60 MP3 player - MP3 player


  • July 26, 2021, France, Alloue, Maison Maria Casarès


  • Étienne Démoulin
Download all files
File Author(s) Comment
Download [530.8 MB] Recording(s) Original mixes Sylvain Cadars & Etienne Démoulin
Download [933.4 MB] Audio file(s) Full version - Maison Maria Casarès 2021 Etienne Démoulin
Download [106.1 MB] Audio file(s) Splitted audio band - Mastered for Maison Maria Casarès Etienne Démoulin Has to be put into mp3 player
Download [1.8 GB] Performance Pro Tools session Protools session Etienne Démoulin


1. Concept

Fragments d’autres is a headphones installation. Première was performed in Maison Maria Casarès (Alloue, Charente (16)) on July 26, 2021.
Technical concept is an 1hour audio band divided in 9 parts. The audience has to wear headphones plugged into mp3 player and start the audio tracks according to their number (from 1 to 9) printed at different places of the garden.
For further information, please contact Matthieu Roy (director of Maison Maria Casares).

2. Audio Setup

In this particular documentation you will find :
Original Mixes of 18 musical fragments composed by Aurélien Dumont, recorded and mixed by Sylvain Cadars and Etienne Démoulin from IRCAM team.
The 1 hour audio band created for the Maison Maria Casarès
The 9 parts of the splitted audio band, mastered for TBONE headphones purchased by Maison Maria Casarès. - Theses files have been put into mp3 player.
The original ProTools 12 mixing session, to adjust the timing of the music if this performance is played again.

Have fun.

Version documentation creation date: Sept. 7, 2021, 2:56 p.m., update date: Oct. 14, 2021, 3:47 p.m.