The setup and the execution of the electroacoustic part of this work requires a Computer Music Designer (Max expert).

Documentation date: April 9, 2020

Version state


Validation date: April 14, 2020

Version documentalist

  • demoulin (

Version realisation

  • Gilbert Nouno (Computer Music Designer)

Version length

15 mn

Upgrade Motivation

rebuild of the patch : 2020 version to play soundfiles.

Detailed staff

  • ensemble of vocal soloists à 4 voix (solo soprano [], solo mezzo-soprano [], solo tenor [], solo baritone [])
  • clarinet (also bass clarinet), bassoon (also contrabassoon), horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussionist, harp, electronic/MIDI keyboard/synthesizer, cello, double bass
(Detailed staff comes from Brahms, send mail to for correction.)

Electronic equipment list

Computer Music Equipment

  • 1 MacBook Pro - Apple Laptops (Apple)
  • 1 Fireface 800 - Sound Board (RME)
    at least 6 audio outputs
  • 1 KX 88 - MIDI Keyboard (Yamaha)
    for triggering soundfiles. pgm change buttons needed


  • June 27, 1999, Paris, Ircam, Espace de projection


  • Lemoine


  • Gilbert Nouno

Work length

  • 15 mn
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File Author(s) Comment
Download [353.0 MB] Patch FormesFragments-2020.dmg Etienne Démoulin


Audio setup

  • No input (adc)
  • 6 outputs

Loudspeaker setup

  • 6 loudspeakers around the audience :

          1 ---------------------- 2
 6              Audience                     3

          5 --------------------- 4

Midi setup

1 midi keyboard for triggering.

Software installation

Place the folder in your max file preferences

System calibration and tests

Test midi connexion and pgm changes.

PGM button 1 corresponds to PGM 1 (beware of KX88 !)

Initialization routine

1. choose midi port

2. click init

3. set vector size and samplerate : sigvs : 128, iovs : 128, samplerate : 44100.

4. turn dac on

Patch presentation

Initialisation procedure is on the top of the patch.

You can adjust the main level with the fader (default is 0 dB )

You can monitor midi infos, cue number and file playing on the right of the patch.

Playing a note run a soundfile if one is attached to this note (see score)

Panic red button stop all the soundfiles.

You can set the audio configuration by double-clicking in the mc.dac~ object.

To check the midinotes/sounds mapping, open play_list_01.

Cues are triggered by the keyboard with specific notes & pgm change.

play_list syntax

"play_list_01" this is the coll file where the soundfiles are defined to be played as the following :

program_change*1000 + midinote | the file name | the level in dB

as example the following line "1038 , mes_003.aif 6;"

means the file "mes_003.aif" is trigger when we are in program 1 (*1000) and play the D1 (38) note (1000 + 38 = 1038), the level is +6dB.

You can test sounds using the graphic keyboard in the "miditester" subpatcher.

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