Kirsten Milenko (1993)

Artefact Series (2016 -2019)

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    • Composition date: 2016 - 2019
    • Cycle: Artefact Series

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“Beneath every sound lies a spectrum of colours that are most often hidden within broader aspects of the passing world. These are the artefacts of everyday existence and the inspiration for a series of works that act as a portrait to trace the micro inflections of our world.

All sounds are drawn from the source instrument. Each work focuses on a close collaboration between myself and the individual performer. When presented in tandem with the macro sounds of conventional performance, the Artefact Series works to sketch a portrait of natural resonance within the instrumental body alongside the inflections of a particular performer within one short frame of time. Performance is for live and fixed electronics with the featured artists.

The series is grounded on a fusion of musique concrète and contemporary sound spatialisation to immerse the listener into specific environmental structures. The rationale behind the series is to discover inflections known to a specific performer on their instrument and explore these to create a sonic hemisphere of music which offers immersion to the listener and a new perspective on contemporary classical music and the performers who bring to life the music we listen to.”

Kirsten Milenko

Table of contents

Ad Forestum
Ex Aere
Lux Aeterna