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  • Hans Wüthrich (1937-2019) Biography Oeuvre Documentary resources
    • stage Ah! Vous voilà! for two female voices and two male voices (four characters from plays of classical French modernism), 10 mn, Ricordi
    • elec stage Estelle + D. R. for two life-size mechanical dolls, a woman's coat and a man's coat, a woman's bag, a man's suitcase and tape players, 7 mn, Ricordi
    • stage HAPPY HOUR. Zyklus musical theater for twelve singers/reciters, two keyboards, percussion and objects, 60 mn, Ricordi
    • stage L'Être et le Néant for three chickens, caregiver and violin, 7 mn, Ricordi
    • elec stage O me nura for eight singers, two assistants, two keyboards (or playback CDs), human-sized dolls and cassette players, in a dark setting with dark music, 5 mn, Ricordi
    • stage O miseria umana for vocal ensemble, two keyboards, objects and assistants, 8 mn, Ricordi
    • stage Orte der Zeit 1 for three actors / singers, walking backwards while reciting poems backwards, 5 mn, Ricordi
    • stage Orte der Zeit 2 for actors, small table and old books that breathe "calmly", 5 mn, Ricordi