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Lucas Fagin

Argentinian composer born 16 June 1980 in Buenos Aires.

Lucas Fagin was born in Argentina in 1980. He studied piano, electric guitar, and composition (with Daniel Montès) in Buenos Aires. In 2003, he traveled to Paris to continue his composition studies at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) with Marco Stroppa and Stefano Gervasoni; as well as with Luis Naón for the application of new technologies in composition. He received a fellowship from the Nadia et Lili Boulanger and the Tarrazi and Meyer Foundations.

In 2002, his composition Triángulos y Espacio premiered in Buenos Aires in a performance by Irvine Arditti and received the British Council’s CEAMC Prize. In 2003, the Center for Experimental Music of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires commissioned a piece for choreography: Instantáneas.

Fagin settled in France in 2003, collaborating with performers such as Nicolas Crosse for the writing of Crónica del Oprimido for double bass and electronics (2006), Guillaume Bourgogne for El Barrilete, as well as Franck Ollu, Zolt Nagy, and Rut Schereiner. He devoted a series of works to sound spatialization, including Cometas (2004) and Galaxia Espiral (2005) for ensemble, and Filamentos for multi-channel electronics (2005), which in 2006 won first prize in Diffusion, an international composition competition for electroacoustic music sponsored by the CCMCM (Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music) in Ireland.

His compositions have been selected three times for the Forum de la jeune création de la SIMC in Paris. In 2005, his quintet ElectroMekanico premiered at the Beijing Modern Music Festival. In 2006, his piano work Austral premiered at Tokyo’s Tsuda Hall and Entre Mundos premiered at Radio France, performed by the Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris and conducted by Zsolt Nagy.

In 2008, he continued to explore the different possibilities offered by spatialization with Ilusionario, a commission from the Ensemble Squillante, Le Cerf-volant and Physiological Mechanics Fantasy, commissions from Ireland’s RTE Lyric. In 2009, he was invited to the Toru Takemitsu International Composition Competition in Tokyo by Helmut Lachenmann, where the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed Crónica Fisiológica Universal. He composed Jackpot, a commission from the Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires for the German duo Robyn Schulkowsky and Reinhold Friedrich, as well as Spires, a commission from the SACEM for the Ensemble Multilatérale.

In 2010, he was selected by the reading committee of the IRCAM and the Ensemble intercontemporain, which premiered his Lanterna Magica in October 2011, and he wrote a short electronic opera for the TACEC in Argentina. In 2011, he began work on a new opera for the CETC of the Théâtre Colón and on a string quartet, Línea de Universo, for the 2012 Festival Ars Musica in Brussels.

Lucas Fagin has received many awards and honors, including first prize in the Joan Guinjoan international composition competition in 2004 and 2006 in Spain, third prize in the ICC-Piano international composition competition in 2006, and third prize at the Toru Takemitsu Composition Awards in 2009 in Japan. He also won first prize in the Juan Carlos Paz national composition competition in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 (National Arts Fund, Argentina), honorable mention at the Prix Ars Electronica/Digital Musics 2009, and the 2010 UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers prize, for Arquetipo, which was selected for broadcast by thirty radio stations around the world.

In 2016-2017, he was an artist in residence at the Casa de Velazquez.

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Lucas Fagin.

  • Solo (excluding voice)
  • Chamber music
    • ElectroMekanico quintet (2005), 12 mn, partition retirée du catalogue
    • Ilusionario for nine saxophones (2008), 10 mn, BabelScores
    • Jackpot for trumpet and percussion (2009), 9 mn, BabelScores
    • Spires for string quartet (2009), 13 mn 30 s, Inédit
    • Lanterna Magica for percussion and string ensemble (2010-2011), 13 mn, BabelScores [program note]
    • Línea de Universo for string quartet (2012), between 11 mn and 15 mn, BabelScores
    • Isochronic junk-box for accordion and percussion (2013), between 6 mn and 10 mn, BabelScores
    • Electro-choque for four electric guitars (2018), between 11 mn and 15 mn, BabelScores
    • elec Terror en el espacio for electric trio and computer-triggered astronaut dialogues (2018), between 6 mn and 10 mn, BabelScores
    • Stroboscopique for string quartet (2019), between 11 mn and 15 mn, BabelScores
    • No hay pasado ni futuro for clarinet in Bb, electric guitar and cello (2020), between 60 s and 5 mn, BabelScores
    • Soyuz 237 for six passengers (or six amplified instruments) (2020), between 11 mn and 15 mn, BabelScores
  • Instrumental ensemble music
    • Al equinoccio for ensemble of six musicians (2003), 6 mn 30 s
    • Cometas for ensemble (2004), 11 mn 15 s, BabelScores
    • Galaxia Espiral for spatialized ensemble (2005), 10 mn 15 s, BabelScores
    • Entre Mundos for orchestra (2006), 11 mn, Inédit
    • Le Cerf-volant for spatialized ensemble of sixteen saxophones (2006), 9 mn
    • Arquetipo Crónica Fisiológica Universal, for large ensemble (2007), 13 mn 15 s
    • El palacio de los juegos for ensemble (2007), 9 mn, Inédit
    • Sketch Linterna for twenty-one musicians (2010), between 60 s and 5 mn, BabelScores
    • Psychedelic for seven instruments (2015), between 11 mn and 15 mn, BabelScores
    • Space-junk for twenty-two strings scattered around the audience (2015), between 20 mn and 25 mn, BabelScores
    • Soyuz 245 for seven passengers (2019), between 6 mn and 10 mn, BabelScores
  • Vocal music and instrument(s)
    • Sobre Ada Falcón for five voices and ensemble (2011), 35 mn, BabelScores
    • La Libertad total for two actors, four singers and eight musicians (2013), between 60 mn and 1 h 30 mn, BabelScores
  • Electronic music / fixed media / mechanical musical instruments
    • elec Filamentos for electronic device (2004-2005), 9 mn 15 s, BabelScores
    • elec Physiological Mechanics Fantasy for electronic device 5.0 (2007-2008), 10 mn 15 s
    • elec Supersonic for eight-channel electronic device (2017), between 11 mn and 15 mn, BabelScores
  • Unspecified instrumentation
    • Instantáneas ballet music (2003), partition retirée du catalogue

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  • Lucas FAGIN, *Filamentos,*dans « Composition Electroacoustique En Multicanal 5.1 », 1 CD CNSMDP, 2007.