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Samuel Sighicelli

French composer born 4 July 1972 in Valreas.

Samuel Sighicelli first studied piano before turning to instrumental composition, which he notably studied with Gérard Grisey, electroacoustic composition, and improvisation. In 1998, he graduated with highest honours from the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP) in composition and generative improvisation. In 2003, during his residency at the Villa Medici, he was awarded the Hervé Dugardin Prize by the SACEM.

Sighicelli has been commissioned by the Lyon Musiques en Scène Biennale, the Montpellier National Orchestra, Radio France, the French Ministry of Culture, Muse en Circuit, and GRM. His works have been performed by ensembles and orchestras including La Note Brève, the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Ictus Ensemble, Arditti Quartet, Court-Circuit, and Percussions de Strasbourg.

He was composer-in-residence at the Oullins Théâtre de la Renaissance (Lyon) in 2012-2015, and at both Espace Malraux Scène Nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie and Bonlieu Scène Nationale d’Annecy in 2017-2019. In 2014-2018, he was Associate Composer at the Annecy and Chambéry Regional Conservatories (both in France).

Samuel Sighicelli sees his work as being organized around three areas: composition, collaborations, and theatrical production. In 2004, he cofounded Caravaggio, an experimental rock group with which he regularly performs in France and abroad, and which has recorded four CDs to date. He also cofounded, with Benjamin de la Fuente, the Sphota Cooperative in 2000, with whom he has produced seven inter-disciplinary shows which were programmed at festivals including Musica, Tage für Neue Musik, Traiettorie, Agora, and Berliner Festspiel. In these settings, Samuel Sighicelli creates theatrical works which allow him to work not just as a composer, but also as a director, dealing with images, dance, and new technologies.

Projects especially worthy of note include Critical Phase (2018), Spirale (2017), Chant d’hiver (2015), L’île solaire (2009), and Marée noire (2005). These productions, notably drawing upon archival audio/visual material, have been the catalyst for creative reflection on the relationship between music and image.

In 2022-2023, he is preparing his first opera in Rennes with a group of young musicians and singers from the Pont Supérieur de Bretagne.

Samuel Sighicelli’s works are published by Éditions Henry Lemoine.

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Site de l’artiste ; éditions Henry Lemoine.

  • Solo (excluding voice)
  • Chamber music
    • Trio for piano, viola and bass clarinet (1996), 10 mn
    • elec Juste là for piano, violin and video images, in collaboration with Benjamin de la Fuente (1997), 3 mn 30 s
    • elec Some tracks for piano, violin, fixed sounds and a dancer, in collaboration with Benjamin de la Fuente (1998), 10 mn
    • elec Canicule for double bass with sound and sampler keyboard (2000-2001), 15 mn
    • elec stage Épisode résonant musical, sound and visual show (2002), 1 h 20 mn
    • elec Temps-libre étoilé for five percussionists and a sampler keyboard (2001-2002), 10 mn, Jobert - Lemoine
    • elec Une traversée for six instruments and electronics (2004), 15 mn, Jobert - Lemoine
    • Laïus for string quartet (2007), 10 mn, Jobert - Lemoine
    • Kronik for piano and cello (2008), 12 mn, Jobert - Lemoine
    • elec 12 études pour piano et sampler for a musician playing the prepared piano and the sampler keyboard (2010-2014), 56 mn
    • SPAS for four ringers: bagpipes, bombarde, bignou and trélombarde (2015), 13 mn
    • elec stage Critical phase musical theater for piano, cello and electronics (2017-2018), 55 mn
  • Instrumental ensemble music
  • Concertant music
  • Vocal music and instrument(s)
    • elec stage The need for cosmos musical, sound, visual and theatrical show (2011-2012), 1 h 15 mn
    • elec stage Chant d'hiver for mezzo-soprano, double bass, prepared piano, actor, tape and live electronics (2014-2015), 60 mn
    • stage Le thé des poissons musical and theatrical show for three voices and two percussionists, realized in collaboration with Benjamin de la Fuente (2015), 55 mn
    • elec Seconde Nature Hörspiel under headphones, for two actors, three musicians and electronics (2019-2020), 1 h 5 mn
  • A cappella vocal music
    • L'Etant for mixed choir (2008), 25 mn
    • La marche interrompue for choir (2008), 5 mn
    • elec Exuvia for four mixed voices and dictaphones (2014), 8 mn
    • elec stage Magma for eight voices and electronics (2016), 24 mn
  • Electronic music / fixed media / mechanical musical instruments
    • elec Electronic sunday video with a violin processed in real time and a sampler (1999), 40 mn
    • elec Encres acousmatic music (2004), 6 mn 43 s
    • elec Platz acousmatic music (2004), 11 mn 11 s
    • elec Vicolo del divino amore acousmatic music (2004), 2 mn 26 s
    • elec « Action ! » acousmatic music (2004), 7 mn 38 s
    • elec stage Marée noire a poetically engaged conference, for actor, video and electroacoustic in quadraphonic (2005), 40 mn
    • elec 3ème jour electroacoustic piece (2009), 10 mn
  • Unspecified instrumentation

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  • Guillaume KOSMICKI, La musique en prise directe. Entretiens avec Samuel Sighicelli, Paris, éditions MF, 2022.


  • Samuel SIGHICELLI, Signes/Courses ; Carcasse dans la neige ; L’horizon comme vouloir ; Fossiles ; Édifices ; Dernier regard ; L’âge de faire ; Brèches ; Mains et souffles ; Départ dans le bruit neuf ; Monolithe ; Presque l’aube, dans « 12 Études pour piano & sampler », label Cuicatl, 2015, YAN.004 
  • Samuel SIGHICELLI, Les alluvions ; L’intelligence pétrolifère ; L’immensité des villes ; Les grands déserts convoités ; Les naufrages ; Voguer sur la marée noire, dans « Marée Noire », label D’autres Cordes, 2008, DAC111
Avec Sphota
  • Samuel SIGHICELLI, Extension nuit ; À perte de vue, dans « Zemlia / La Terre », label Signature, Radio France, 2008.
Avec Caravaggio
  • « Tempus Fugit », label Eole Records, 2020.
  • « Turn Up », label La Buissonne, 2017.
  • « Caravaggio #2 », label La Buissonne, 2012.
  • « Caravaggio », label INA-GRM, 2004.