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Jorge Torres Sáenz

Mexican composer and art theorist, born in 1968.

Jorge Torres Sáenz studied composition at the Mexico National University of the Arts, and art theory at the Iberoamericana University of Art (Mexico City). He went on to study with Alain Louvier and Jacques Charpentier at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP), graduating summa cum laude for both composition (1997) and orchestration (1998).

In 1995, he received a French grant for excellence in the Arts and Social Sciences, and in 2002, was awarded the Mexican Society of Music and Theatre Critics Prize. He was named a member of the Sistema Nacional de Fomento Mexicain, where he teaches composition and orchestration to students of conducting.

As a professor of philosophy and art at the Iberoamericana University, and a permanent member of the Philosophical and Aesthetic Research Seminar, he has undertaken long-term research on the ontology of music in the writings of Gilles Deleuze.

His works have been performed in festivals in Mexico and other Latin American countries, as well as in North America, Asia and Europe. His catalogue comprises several concertos, including two for accordion (L’échange, premiered by Eva Zöllner in Rotterdam in 2008, and Cicatrices de Luz, premiered by Pascal Contet and Ensemble 2e2m at the Cervantino international Festival in 2009), solo pieces, and chambre music, including several string quartets, the most recent of which was an adaptation of his work for large ensemble, Salón Calavera (2009).

He has also composed numerous vocal works, including the chambre opera Ambulancia, premiered in 2005; Canciones de la Estrella Imbécil (2006), a set of ten melodies for soprano and orchestra; and Mujer con Espejo (2007) for soprano/actress and contrabass.

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Jorge Torres Sáenz.


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