Louis Andriessen (1939-2021)

Workers Union (1975)

pour n'importe quel groupe d'instruments puissants

  • Informations générales
    • Date de composition : 1975
    • Durée : 20 mn
    • Éditeur : Boosey & Hawkes

Information sur la création


Enregistrement : Bang on a Can, cd Cantaloupe CA21012.

Note de programme

Workers Union was originally written for the orchestra De Volharding (Perseverance), in which I myself figured as a pianist at that time.

This piece is a combination of individual freedom and severe discipline: its rhythm is exactly fixed; the pitch, on the other hand, is indicated only approximately, on a single-lined stave.

It is difficult to play in an ensemble and to remain in step, sort of thing like organising and carrying on political action.

Louis Andriessen, 1990.