Morton Subotnick (1933)

Jacob's Room (2010)

chamber opera in one act

electronic work
stage work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2010
    • Duration: 1 h 15 mn
    • Publisher: Schott
    • Commission: Bregenz Festival - Art of our Times en coopération avec soniq performing arts, Berlin
    • Libretto (details, author):

      Morton Subotnick, inspiré de Phèdre de Platon, Eleni de Nicholas Gage, The Pit and the Trap de Moshe Kohn, The Little School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival d’Alicia Partnoy, The Holocaust Kingdom: A Memoir d’Alexander Donat et Jacob’s Room de Virginia Woolf

Detailed formation
  • ensemble of vocal soloists(soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, solo bass-baritone)
  • electronic/MIDI keyboard/synthesizer, 4 cellos

Premiere information

  • Date: 5 August 2010

    Autriche, Bregenz, Bregenzer Festspiele


    Ruth Rosenfeld, soprano ; Katharina von Bülow, mezzo-soprano ; Florian Just, baryton ; Tom Sol, baryton-basse ; Ari Benjamin Meyers, direction

Information on the electronics
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