Elena Mendoza (1973)

Niebla (2009)

musical theatre for one actor, ten musicians, and three voices with electronic amplification

electronic work
stage work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2009
    • Duration: 1 h 40 mn
    • Publisher: Peters
    • Libretto (details, author):

      D’après le roman de Miguel de Unamuno.

Detailed formation
  • soloists: soprano (also mezzo-soprano, baritone), unspecified male voice [acteur]
  • oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, percussion, piano, violin, cello, double bass

Premiere information

  • Performers: Oliver Nitsche, acteur ; Katia Guedes, soprano ; Uta Buchheister, mezzo-soprano ; Guillermo Anzorena, baryton ; Ensemble Courage ; Titus Engel, direction.

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: amplification