Philippe Manoury (1952)

Kein Licht Suite (2020)

for mezzo-soprano, electronics and ensemble

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2020
    • Duration: 42 mn
    • Publisher: Durand, nº DF 16640
    • Commission: United Instruments of Lucilin et Philharmonie Luxembourg
    • Libretto (details, author):

      Elfriede Jelinek, Friedrich Nietzsche, Nicolas Stemann

Detailed formation
  • soloist: mezzo-soprano
  • flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussionist, piano, electronic/MIDI keyboard/synthesizer [sampler] , violin, second violin, viola, cello, double bass

Premiere information

  • Date: 10 May 2021

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: échantillonneur - sampler