Alireza Farhang (1976)

Esquisse d'un printemps perdu (2019)

for orchestra and traditional Chinese instruments

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2019
    • Duration: 8 mn
    • Dedication: Marjan Fouladvind

Premiere information

  • Date: December 2019

    Chine, Shanghai, Conservatoire de Musique


    Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra ; Zhang Yi, direction

Program note

“Spring Morning” is one of Hoaran’s most beautiful poems depicting a complex aspect of nature with simple words. The poem is not a mere description but a successful attempt to transmit the emotional turmoil nature can create. For Haoran nature is a great source of inspiration on all levels.

Esquisse d’un Printemps Perdu further emphasizes on the paradox observed by Haoran. Contrasted characters represented by the duality of sound registers and orchestration is one of many techniques I have used to translate Hoaran’s writing.

The most challenging part of this project is the use of elements from non-Western musical heritage such as traditional Chinese instruments. Integrating different or sometimes opposite philosophies within one piece while respecting the consistency of language is a rule to consider for a good composition.