Robert Ashley (1930-2014)

Dust (1998)

opera for solo voice and pre-recorded orchestra

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1998
    • Duration: 1 h 30 mn
    • Libretto (details, author):

      Robert Ashley 

Detailed formation
  • 5 speaking voices

Premiere information

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: sons fixés sur support


Cette œuvre a été enregistrée et figure sur l'album Dust (Lovely Music, 2000). 

Table of contents

  • I. Friends 
  • II. Theosophy 
  • III. The Priest 
  • IV. If There's Anything...
  • V. The Little Gun 
  • VI. Friends 
  • VII. No Legs 
  • VIII. Don't Get Your Hopes Up 
  • IX. Just One More Time 
  • X. It's Easy 
  • XI. The Angel Of Loneliness