Robert Ashley (1930-2014)

Atalanta (Acts of God) (1982 -1987)

three operas composed to be intermingled

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1982 - 1987
    • Dedication: Dorothea Tanning - An Excellent Woman
    • Libretto (details, author):

      Robert Ashley

Premiere information

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: sons fixés sur support


Cette œuvre a été enregistrée par le compositeur sur l'album Atalanta (Acts of God) (Lovely Music, 1997), d'après un enregistrement live au Teatro Olimpico de Rome, le 9 mars 1985. Un deuxième album, Atalanta (Acts of God) Volume II est sorti en 2010 sur le label Lovely Music, Ltd. 

Table of contents


  • “It’s a Girl”


  • The “Max” Character Reference (“When I met him he was pretty old...”)
  • The “Max” Anecdote:
  • “The Headlines”
  • “Chorale” (“No Never No”)
  • “Problems on the Flying Saucer”
  • The “Odalisque” Aria
  • “Au Pair”
  • “The Billfold”
  • “The Etchings”
  • “The Rotations”


  • The “Willard” Character Reference (“Our various ideas about work, our politics ...”)
  • The “Willard” Anecdote:
  • “The Headlines”
  • “Chorale” (“Tighter, Yeah”)
  • “Problems on the Flying Saucer”
  • The “Odalisque” Aria
  • “Au Pair”
  • “The Story of Tomato Soup” (aka “Empire”)
  • “The Mystery of The River”
  • “The Rotations”


  • The “Bud” Character Reference (“I said, Excuse me if I seem distracted.”)
  • The “Bud” Anecdote:
  • “The Headlines”
  • “Chorale” (“Giving Love Away”)
  • “Problems on the Flying Saucer”
  • The “Odalisque” Aria
  • “Au Pair”
  • “The Family Stories”
  • “Mr. Harris”
  • “The Rotations”