Simon Steen-Andersen (1976)

Difficulties Putting it Into Practice (2007)

for 2 or 4 amplified performers

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2007
    • Duration: 12 mn
    • Publisher: Edition·S
    • Commission: Royaumont 2007
    • Dedication: Dr. Klemann

Premiere information

  • Date: 8 July 2007

    France, Royaumont, Voix Nouvelles


    deux sopranos amplifiées.


Titre d'origine : In Her Frown.

Program note

To convey information about; make known; impart: communicated her views to the office. To reveal clearly; manifest: her disapproval communicated itself in her frown.

To become aware of, know, or identify by the means of the senses:

I perceived an object looming through the mist. To recognize, discern, envision, or understand: I perceive a note of sarcasm in your voice. This is a very nice idea but I perceive difficulties putting it into practice., communicate/perceive.