Jesper Nordin (1971)

Diffusing Grains (2012)

for percussion ensemble

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2012
    • Duration: 15 mn
    • Publisher: Peters
    • Commission: Percussion claviers de Lyon
Detailed formation
  • 2 vibraphones, 3 marimbas

Premiere information

  • Date: 17 March 2012

    France, Lyon, biennale Musiques en scène


    les Percussion claviers de Lyon.

Program note

I have often used techniques and sound worlds from the electro-acoustic music in purely acoustical pieces. This piece is one example of that. The title reflects this in its both words: the word "diffusion" is used when speaking of space and interpretation in electronic music, and "grains" are small, small samples that are used to create new sounds in granular synthesis. In this piece both those aspects are used, but through the means of the instruments of PCL and the preparations used. I have used preparations of the instruments to achieve a soundscape that has more to do with electronics than with the ordinary acoustical instruments actually played. These particular preparations both create grains as they bounce off the instruments and also diffuse the sound in both meanings of the word - both making it more unclear and making it travel around in space.

Jesper Nordin.