Johannes Maria Staud (1974)

Towards a Brighter Hue (2004)

for violin

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2004
    • Duration: 9 mn
    • Publisher: Universal Edition
    • Dedication: à Annette Bik et Ernst Kovacic pour leurs précieux conseils
  • Type
    • Solo (excluding voice) [Violin]
Detailed formation
  • 1 violin

Premiere information

  • Date: 9 September 2005

    Allemagne, Munich, Prinzregententheater.

Program note

I composed this piece between June and September 2004, having completed my music theatre work Berenice. After a short introduction, there comes a brief motif of markedly rhythmic character which is played in the opera by the contrabass clarinet. It recurs in the violin piece but is developed there in a wholly different - and much more dramatic - manner. It goes without saying that the reason why different conclusions have been drawn from that nucleus lies in the specific features of and possibilities inherent in the violin.

After the first two thirds of the piece with its largely intense forward drive, there comes a closing section where microintervals have been introduced; the music becomes more introverted and the colours lighten up.

Johannes Maria Staud.