Andrea Vigani (1970)

Tre Prospettive (1995)

for piano

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1995
    • Duration: 14 mn
    • Publisher: Inédit
Detailed formation
  • 1 piano

Premiere information

  • Date: October 1995

    Norvège, Oslo


    Nils Anders Mortensen.

Program note

I wrote this piece after a lecture on few reflections of J.Brodskij on Venice.
He observed the decomposition of the façades of the venetian palaces in the reflections on the water of the canals.

The structures, the forms and the colours of these buildings were distorted and re-created by the wawes; the images were melting and re-forming one another; so the past (the ancient different palaces) was born again in the present just like something new (the reflected images) and was obtaining a stronger unity (through stuccoes and other various materials to the unity of the water).

In the reflected images the content is not-existent or, rather, it goes together with the reflection itself and this is the first condiction of music (the significant coincides with the significance and in addition "the musical emotion arounses sentimental images: these images will not in any case be linked to particular feelings. Music has definitively broken the pact with imitation: this fact enables it to face the form" (Schopenhauer)).

Imagine to took at a picture representing a night landscape.
At first you will see some SHADOWS and lights on different planes (near,far); later, pushed by curiosity, you will approach one of them and you will discover that it holds a moltitude of REFLECTIONS, a thousend of hue, it has a own life, it is a"shadow-world" inside a "picture-world".

Now the secrets of that shadow belong to you too, they are part of you and even when you depart you will take them with you, they will be LANTERNS in your memories and they will accompayou in the discovering of other pictures.

This picture is the world that we have around us, where there are shadows, persons, objects, landscapes, piano music, moments...

...she realized that though this was a picture from wich,once entred, you never returned, it neverthless possessed its own astonishments and conjurings, its towers and closets, and ever more pathways, more gardens, more doors...

Andrea Vigani