Lorenzo Pagliei (1972)

Finzioni (2001)

for trumpet

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2001
    • Duration: 10 mn
    • Publisher: Inédit
    • Dedication: à Gabriele Cassone
  • Type
Detailed formation
  • trumpet

Premiere information

  • Date: 22 May 2001

    Italie, Milan, Auditorium Lattuada


    Gabriele Cassone.

Program note

One of the main themes of Finzioni is the variety of attitudes the performer can assume towards his instrument. He goes by non-orthodox attitudes to more properly musical situations, in the traditional sense. In the first case the performer make use of the trumpet as a kind of funnel/filter that amplifies his disparate actions (feverish speech, frantic breathing, recto-tono singing, muddy sounds, etc.; he fumbles/introduces sounds into the instrument: he acts the trumpet just like a scenic space. In the other kind of attitudes, the infinite variety of possible sounds is limited to that of the trumpet as a traditional musical instrument. These two fundamental attitudes are supported and managed by two different approaches to writing: one more visionary, the other more rigorously structured. Other themes can be noticed in the choice of texts, taken from Greek-Latin quotations collected in Chapter I of Joyce’s Ulysses. They remain most of all unintelligible, nevertheless they refer to themes connected to the celebration of death and to the sea.

Lorenzo Pagliei