Lorenzo Pagliei (1972)

Diaphane... adiaphane (1996)

for concrete sounds elaborated electronically

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1996
    • Duration: 11 mn 30 s
    • Publisher: Suvini Zerboni

Premiere information

  • Date: 8 December 1996

    Italie, Frosinone, Autitorium L'Edera.

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: sons fixés sur support

Table of contents

  • A Francesca ;
  • Secondo sipario ;
  • Tessitore del vento.

Program note

Diaphane…..Adiaphane is a piece based entirely on the recognizability of concrete sounds and on the employment of elaboration processes known as cross synthesis (i.e. processes that allow parameter  interchanges between sounds). The work is the result of an inner investigation on the recognizability of nature sounds processed by various kind of electronic elaborations. Such an investigation led to the creation of recognizability scales for every kind of elaboration in relationship to every kind of sound involved. The technical aspects of this research and all that concerns the computer programming, the creation of virtual electronic instruments employed in this piece lie outside these short introductory notes.

Diaphane…..Adiaphane is my own homage to natural sounds: sea weaves, brooks, water drops, thunders but even a crowd of people, whispered words and steps on gravel. All is built from these elements. Working on this piece, thanks to the “magnifying glass” provided by electronic devices, I discovered unending wonders inside natural sounds: the rhythms of the flowing water perceivable only slowing down a great deal the sound of a brook; the different melodies of the drops falling upon a motionless water surface; the subtle and refined variations in the amplitude of a sea weave; the micro-variant texture of a whispered amplified voice; the incredible brightness of the crowd sounds transposed in high register, their resemble to the shouting of a bird flight in the high register or to the growling of wild beasts in the low register, and so on.

The piece is composed by various separate tableaux held together, as well as by the same sounds (just like a tonality), by some symbols of time passing that permeate all the form: water drops and steps on gravel.

A single text is utilized in this piece, it is taken from chapter II of Joyce’s Ulysses: «weave weaver of the wind». It is whispered as in the wind, it is translated and betrayed in Italian language, changing its sense to maintain its alliteration: «tessi tessitore del tempo» [t. n.: weave weaver of the time]. A reflection on the possibility that the history could have had a different course if some events didn’t occur.

Diaphane…..Adiaphane is an Adagio in which stirs the ineluctable shadow of the Death and of the Fall. That of Adam, that of Altazor by Vicente Huidobro. It is my requiem for an angel, dedicated to the one who violently and for no reason is not more here.

Lorenzo Pagliei.