Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)

Mondeva (1978 -1979)

for tenor and basset horn and ad libitum: soprano, bass, trombone, mime, electric organ or synthesizer and two magnetic tapes

electronic work
stage work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1978 - 1979
    • Duration: 13 mn
    • Publisher: Stockhausen Verlag
    • Cycle: scène de Michaels Jugend
    • Opus: 49 2/3
Detailed formation
  • soloists: solo tenor, basset horn
  • solo soprano [ad lib.] , solo bass voice [ad lib.] , trombone [ad lib.] , mime [ad lib.] , electric organ [ou synthétiseur, ad lib.]

Premiere information

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: sons fixés sur support, spatialisation (deux bandes magnétiques 8 pistes et 2 pistes et projection du son)