Jonathan Harvey (1939-2012)

Hidden Voice 2 (1999)

for ensemble of twelve instrumentalists and CD

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1999
    • Duration: 6 mn
    • Publisher: Faber Music
    • Commission: Sinfonia 21, avec l'aide de l'Arts Council of England et Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
Detailed formation
  • soloists: violin, viola, cello
  • piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, percussionist, cello, double bass

Premiere information

  • Date: 15 May 1999

    Royaume-Uni, Londres, Imperial College


    l'ensemble Sinfonia 21, direction : Martyn Brabbins.

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: sons fixés sur support (cd)