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Rika Suzuki

Japanese composer born in 1960 in Tokyo

Rika Suzuki was born in Tokyo in 1960. After music studies in her hometown, she undertook further study at the Paris Conservatoire, graduating cum lauda from her classes of music theory, counterpoint, orchestration and composition (with Paul Méfano) in 1993. In 1995, she completed an advanced degree in composition at the Paris Ecole Normale de Musique under the supervision of Yoshihisa Taïra. In October, 1996, after receiving a Master of Advanced Study in 20th century music and musicology from IRCAM, she was accepted into the doctoral programme at that institution.

Her works have been performed at Radio-France (La Flûte verte, L’incident téléphonique) and at the Centre Pompidou by Ensemble l’Itinéraire (Réminiscences de…). In 1996, she was awarded the prize of the Sixth Brussels Concours Mondial for Video for her music for the film Regardez-moi, je vous regarde.

Her string trio Vis sans fin was premiered by the Paris String Trio at the Aspects des musiques d’aujourd’hui Festival in Caen in 1998.

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