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Igor Ballereau

French composer born 11 October 1969 in Cherbourg.

Igor Ballereau was born in 1969. A self-taught composer, he studied communications and language sciences and worked in theater and cinema before beginning his studies in composition. As he embarked on this journey, his encounter in 1992 with Pascal Dusapin became a significant bond that helped to structure his composing work. In 1996, Ensemble l’Itinéraire premiered his first work, Deux nus froissés. Since then, his chamber music and voice pieces have been performed by Accroche Note, Le Banquet, and Stak at events such as Musica and Radio-France’s Présences 98. He has collaborated with Ars Nova, la Maîtrise de Paris and the Allers-Retours trio. His early works include: Pon Pocket Songs (1997, for soprano, clarinet, and cello), Juruparis (1997, for mezzo-soprano, vibraphone, and two clarinets), and Schizo-Machine (1997, for instrumental ensemble).

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  • Chamber music
  • Vocal music and instrument(s)
    • Juruparis for mezzo-soprano, vibraphone and 2 clarinets (1997), 8 mn, Inédit
    • Pou Pocket Songs for soprano, clarinet and cello (1997), 50 mn, Inédit
  • A cappella vocal music
    • La Bouche for soprano and contralto (1997), 5 mn, Inédit