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Livret de Fiori di sangue e rugiada

June 17, 2023

I. Fiore primo

II. Visione prima

She gets down the stairs, Naiad
Ne’er touched by leaf or woven fabric
Her flower wide open to the clear morning sun

III. Fiore secondo

IV. Visione seconda

V. Danza dei rovi [Haiku]

Nel mio petto, un’erba velenosa Le sue foglie, lame di porpora Crescono dentro

VI. Fiore terzo

VII. Intermezzo furioso

spasmo / seta / sfera / fende / fiato / vetro / soffio / fiore / sangue

VIII. Torch song

what would I not give to
know not your name to
discover amazed your
scent floating in February’s air to read your face out
of this world, like a
new flower fruit flavor, to
find you in a cold winter’s night when
I did not know you when the
blooming naivety of my eyes
settled upon you, curiosity with
no name brain breath, to
see, near like that time, one more time the horizon of a timeless summer

IX. Visione terza

… et boire de ta fleur la rosée du matin

Note de programme du concert du 17 juin 2023 à l'Espace de projection de l'Ircam June 2023