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Danielle Arrigoni

French composer born in 1964 in Bondy.

Danielle Arrigoni was born in 1964 in Bondy, and studied instrumental and electronic composing mainly at the Conservatoire de Paris, from which she graduated with highest honors in composition in 1992. Her catalogue includes solo pieces and chamber music works for electronics, orchestra, and choir.

She is fascinated by live performance in which music and other art forms are closely intertwined, and for this reason seeks out collaboration and interaction with other artists.

This fascination has inspired several pieces, including scoring and performing the music for a short film by Agnès Moreau, Au bord de l’eau (1992), three compositions for dancing choir: Loup fou (1993), Soleil Sonore (1995), and Dans tous ces états (a Commande d’Etat, or commission, from the French Ministry of Culture, in 1996); and the score of a film by Sandrine Vivier on the city of Sarcelles, where Arrigoni teaches.

In 1998 she began composing a work for Ensemble 2E2M, a Commande d’Etat (commission from the French Ministry of Culture).

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