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Bent Sørensen

Danish composer born 18 July, 1958 in Borup

Bent Sørensen is a leading figure in the his generation of Danish composers. His catalogue includes many works for orchestra, as well as ambitious pieces for chambre ensemble. He has composed for several highly esteemed European ensembles, including Ensemble Modern (Minnewater, 1988), Sonanza (Funeral Procession, 1989), Esbjerg (Clairobscur, 1988) and the London Sinfonietta (Shadowland, 1989).

Sørensen’s music often draws inspiration from Medieval and Renaissance music. His evocative titles, as the composer himself states, are neither in reference to the musical content of the pieces themselves, nor are they purely “decorative”; rather, they allude to an extra-musical idea which is present in the composer’s mind during the creative process, thereby shedding new light on the nature of each work.

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