Elliott Carter (1908-2012)

Micomicón (2002)

pour orchestre

  • General information
    • Composition date : 2002
    • Duration : 3 mn
    • Editor : Boosey & Hawkes
    • Cycle : Three Illusions
Detailed formation
  • 2 flûtes, flûte piccolo, 2 hautbois, cor anglais, clarinette, clarinette basse, clarinette contrebasse, 2 bassons, contrebasson, 4 cors, 3 trompettes, 3 trombones, tuba, timbales, 2 percussionnistes, harpe, piano, cordes

Creation information

  • Date : 15 January 2004
    Location :

    États-Unis, Boston, Massachusetts, Symphony Hall

    Performers :

    le Boston Symphony Orchestra, direction : James Levine.


Program note

Micomicón, invented by Sancho Panza and his friends to cure Don Quixote’s “madness”, is said to be a kingdom near Ethiopia stolen by a giant from its queen, Micomicona, who beseeches the adventurous Don Q. to put her back on the throne (in Cervantes’ great novel, chapters 29-30, book 1). This brief score was commissioned by the Boston Symphony as a present to the extraordinary James Levine. It was composed in New York in 2002.

Elliott Carter.