Jason Eckardt (1971)

Tango Clandestino (1997)

pour piano

  • Informations générales
    • Date de composition : 1997
    • Éditeur : Inédit
    • Commande : Phantom Arts Ensemble pour Geoffrey Burleson
    • Dédicace : à Geoffrey Burleson
Effectif détaillé
  • 1 piano

Information sur la création

Note de programme

    <p>In my initial attempt to reconcile the stylistic and structural characteristics of the tango with those of my own music, I concentrated on amplifying and distorting particular features of the genre in this new piano composition. Soon, however, my work took on a life of its own, eclipsing the constraints I had set for it. In <em>Tango Clandestino</em>, any direct stylistic references have been obscured. Yet in other aspects, the work reflects my impressions of the tango, both musical and terpsichorean: it is imbued with its dark, angular, graceful, and sensual qualities.</p><p><em>Tango Clandestino</em> was commissioned by the Phantom Arts Ensemble for Geoffrey Burleson, to whom it is dedicated.</p><p><em>Jason Eckardt.</em><br /> </p>