Dai Fujikura (1977)

Teki (2003)

pour piano et vidéo de Tomoya Yamaguchi

œuvre électronique

  • Informations générales
    • Date de composition : 2003
    • Vidéo, installation (détail, auteur) : Tomoya Yamaguchi, vidéo
    • Durée : 8 mn
    • Éditeur : Ricordi, Londres
Effectif détaillé
  • piano

Information sur la création

  • Date : 20 mars 2003
    Lieu :

    Royaume-Uni, Londres

    Interprètes :

    Sarah Nicolls.

Information sur l'électronique
Dispositif électronique : dispositif multimédia (vidéo, lumière)

Note de programme

I first met Tomoya two years ago at the opening of one of his solo Exhibitions. As soon as I saw his work I knew that I wanted to collaborate on a project with him. Although he is a painter and sculptor I asked if he would ever consider working in video. At the time he told me that it was really not his medium and was quite hesitant, even reluctant about my suggestion. However, as a result of our conversation we became friends.
Last year Sarah called me, asking if I could do a new piano work (with video) for her. At about the same time Tomoya phoned me and asked if Milena (my wife) and I would be god-parents to Edgar; one of his new born twins.
We were honoured. I rather cheekily asked Tomoya if he would be midwife to this project for Sarah!

I've always been a film-buff. This affects my compostion. When I write I always feel each note and section of the music as movements of colours, camera tracking, or even edits of a film. Sometimes it seems as if I have a cinematographer, director and editor living in my head. Often their collaboration is not particularly amicable.

It was great working on teki because, with Tomoya's help, I had a chance to meet these guys and see what one of their films actually looked like. Before working with Tomoya I had only ever heard the soundracks. I was also working with someone I know not only as an artist, but also as a friend. This meant that our collaboration was much more pleasant than the continuous bickerings of the film crew in my head. Tomoya also managed to tell them that some of their visiual ideas were crap. That shut them up a bit.

Tomoya and I are hoping to work together in the future as the ensemble Okeanos have we requested three video projects for their future concerts.

I'm really pleased that Sarah has given us the opportunity to work together. I certainly feel that she has shown me a room in my house that I didn't think I had the key for.

Dai Fujikura.