Per Nørgård (1932)

Det Guddommelige Tivoli (1982)

opera for voices all also dancing, amplified cello, six percussionists and synthesizer
[Cirque divin]

electronic work
stage work

  • General information
    • Composition date: 1982
    • Duration: 2 h
    • Publisher: Wilhelm Hansen
    • Libretto (details, author):

      Adolf Wölfl (et Ted Hughes, Shakespeare, Nietzsche dans le prologue)

Detailed formation
  • ensemble of vocal soloists(soprano, contralto, tenor, 2 baritone, solo bass-baritone)
  • 6 percussionists, electronic/MIDI keyboard/synthesizer, cello [amplifié]

Premiere information

Information on the electronics
Electronic device: amplification