Arturo Fuentes (1975)

Lightness (2009)

for violin and fixed sounds or live electronics

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date : 2009
    • Duration : 10 mn
    • Editor : LondonHall Editions
  • Type
    • Solo (excluding voice) [Violin]
Detailed formation
  • soliste : violin

Creation information

Information about electronic
Electronic device : temps réel, sons fixés sur support

Program note

We are in 2019 and Lightness is just 10 years old since its creation. This work marks a new starting point in my catalog, with it I began to explore other sounds in my music, leaving strict formal questions to get closer to a dramaturgy and a color that is born from sound. I remember that the composition of the work flowed in a very organic way, I wrote it as if I was painting it and the ideas were expressed in an agile and simple way. That fluidity has to do with lightness, a quality that, until now, I keep as one of the bases of my creation.

Arturo Fuentes