Toshio Hosokawa (1955)

Concerto pour cor - Moment of Blossoming - (2010)

for horn and orchestra

  • General information
    • Composition date: 2010
    • Duration: 17 mn
    • Publisher: Schott
    • Commission: Orchestre philharmonique de Berlin, Barbican Centre London et Concertgebouw Amsterdam
    • Dedication: à Stefan Dohr
Detailed formation
  • soloist: horn
  • 2 flutes (also 1 piccolo, 1 alto flute), 2 oboes (also 1 English horn), 2 clarinets (also 1 bass clarinet), 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, 3 percussionists, harp, celesta, 16 violins, 14 second violins, 12 violas, 10 cellos, 8 double basses

Premiere information

  • Date: 10 February 2011

    Allemagne, Berlin, Philharmonie


    Stefan Dohr : cor et l'Orchestre philharmonique de Berlin, direction : Simon Rattle.

Program note

The Horn Concerto was commissioned jointly by the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker, the Barbican Centre, London and the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and is dedicated to Stefan Dohr. This is one of the works on the theme of ’flower’ and it describes the moment of blossoming. The blossoming of a flower symbolizes the awakening of a human being to the Self. The horn represents a human being, while the orchestra can be taken as nature and the universe that enclose him. Within his relationship with nature, he discovers his true self. 

Toshio Hosokawa.