François Sarhan (1972)

Testimony (2007)

for narrator, solo instruments, amplified ensemble and recorded sounds

electronic work

  • General information
    • Composition date : 2007
    • Video, installation (detail, author) : JP Witkin, photographie
    • Duration : 50 mn
    • Publisher : édition du compositeur, à télécharger sur son site
    • Commission: Arsenal, Metz
    • Libretto (details, author) :

      Charles Reznikoff, Testimony

Detailed formation
  • soloists : narrator, piano (also electronic/MIDI keyboard/synthesizer), cello, percussionist, violin [aussi violon-trompette] , guitar (also electric guitar)
  • alto flute (also flute, piccolo), oboe (also English horn), clarinet, bassoon (also contrabassoon), horn, 2 trumpets (also cornet, flugerlhorn), trombone, tuba, percussionist, harp, violin, viola, double bass (also electric bass)

Premiere information

  • Date : June 2007
    Location :

    France, Metz, Arsenal

    Performers :

    l'Ensemble Modern.

Information on the electronics
Electronic device : amplification, sons fixés sur support