Jesper Nordin (1971)

The Dangers of Trespassing (2006)

pour sons fixés

œuvre électronique

  • Informations générales
    • Date de composition : 2006
    • Commande: Mairie de Paris pour le Centquatre

Information sur la création

  • Date : 2006
    Lieu :

    Paris, Le Centquatre.

Information sur l'électronique
Dispositif électronique : sons fixés sur support

Note de programme

The Dangers of Trespassing is a caledioscopic miniature that represents an idea of art as an entity that is both completely dependant and totally free from the aesthetical roots it springs from.

This piece is an electronic piece totally based on recordings of acoustical instruments, a composed piece based on improvisations and a piece of contemporary music that uses traditional Swedish folk music in it’s vocabulary and hints at rock music. The basic material are improvisations of the Swedish trio Trespassing (Niklas Brommare – percussion, Daniel Frankel – violin and Jesper Nordin – electronics) that is then sculpted and remixed by composer Jesper Nordin.

The Dangers of Trespassing was commissioned by Mairie de Paris for the cultural center Le Centquatre.

Jesper Nordin.